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Common buttons on clothing

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How much do you know about the buttons used on clothing?

We usually use buttons, which can connect clothes and play a role of heat preservation, and at the same time make people's appearance neat. Exquisite buttons will also improve the fashion of clothes. Therefore, it is an indispensable part of the clothing structure. The conventional buttons include four-button, I-button, snap button, and five-claw button.

Plastic Button

The above are frequently seen buttons, but depending on the type and usage scene of the clothes, there are often other buttons to play a supporting role. such as:

1. Rope buckle. Adjust the tightness


2. Pull the tail clip to facilitate the slide of the zipper up and down

cord zipper pull

3. Hanging particle, hanging tag

Hanging particle

4. Brassiere buckle, adjust the tightness

Brassiere buckle

5. Dress buckle, fix and adjust the elasticity of the waist

Dress buckle