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2022 10-04
The quality requirements of the stroller Children's dining chair is a special chair for children to eat, belonging to the convenience of the baby eating with the apparatus.
2022 09-30
KJM successfully passed the 2022 GRS system recognition Recently, the company have passed the global recycling standard GRS certification audit and obtained the certificate of compliance, becoming one of the few recycling companies in the industry that have passed the GRS certification and can provide TC certificates and GRS certificates to customers in need.
2022 09-26
High quality military buckle manufacturer A long time ago, the only people who used tactical gear and rescue equipment were those who actually needed it.
2022 09-09
Global Recycled Standard (4.0) The Global Recycling Standard (GRS) is promoted by Textile Exchange, one of the foremost non-profit organizations promoting international responsibility and sustainability in the textile industry. According to this standard, Textile Exchange recognizes that recycling is essential for the development of sustainable production and consumption patterns; it aims to encourage the reduction of resource consumption (virgin raw materials, water and energy) and improve the quality of recycled products. Access conditions for GRS certification
2022 09-09
Product upgrade side buckle August 25, Jimei buckle relaunched two new insert buckle, has been listed. New model A-445 and A-451, new A-445 overall X-shaped, female buckle two streamlines using polishing process, with a sense of fashion and technology experience, the new A-451 overall also X-shaped, using the arc hollow design, male and female can be two-color, giving people a full sense of high-end. The two buckles can be applied to a variety of fields, such as outdoor backpacks, bags, pet chest and backpack clothing and so on.
2022 09-01
Welcome the leaders of Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce and representatives of enterprises to visit our company In the afternoon of August 20, 2022, leaders from Jiangxi Ganzhou Chamber of Commerce came to visit our company. First of all, our manager Zhang Yuming expressed a warm welcome to the leaders and representatives of enterprises on behalf of our company! And briefly introduced the company's corporate culture and development history to the leaders of the Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Zhang said that the leadership of the Chamber of Commerce can promote the long-term development of enterprises and achieve win-win situation for all parties, which is exactly what is needed for business operation. Ltd. has always maintained a rigorous, harmonious and progressive work style and a good sense of synergy. Accelerate development, stride forward, keep up with the rhythm of the times and maintain a win-win relationship.
2022 08-16
KJM Fire Drill High temperature in summer, frequent fires. In order to improve the fire safety awareness of Jimei employees, and enhance the ability of fire emergency self-rescue and self-protection. On August 15th, all Jimei employees carried out fire safety knowledge training and emergency drills, and professional safety administrators served as the trainers. The employees actively participated in the drill to gain an in-depth understanding of fire prevention and disaster relief knowledge from theory to practice. This drill not only pays attention to the life safety of employees, but also reflects the fulfillment of social responsibility.
2022 08-09
KJM Side Release Buckles Jimei's main stroller safety buckles, outdoor luggage buckles, pet buckles, handles, etc. After continuous efforts, outdoor luggage buckles have also occupied more than 50% of our domestic market share. As an outdoor luggage series: we are divided into ordinary outdoor, as well as military.
2022 08-05
Tactical gear buckle, rescue gear buckle, tactical vest buckle belt buckle source factory The products are sold at home and abroad, and the raw materials used can pass the OEKO-100 certification and the products produced can provide the EU R EACH and ROHS test standard certificates issued by the SGS testing company. The company has always paid attention to corporate image, based on technology development, strengthened quality management, and optimized after-sales service.
2022 07-20
2022 ICEE Exhibition: 3B13-1 Zhongshan Jimei Handbag Co., Ltd. will be located in Guangzhou Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center on July 21, 2022 to participate in the 2022 ICEE Cross-border Conference: the exhibition number is: 3B13-1, welcome customers Attend our booth
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