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2021 10-11
New military series tactical buckle Facing the severe situation, Jimei Fasteners takes innovation as a breakthrough point, constantly researches and develops new products tactical buckle, has won more than 100 product patents, and launched a new series of strategic military products.
2021 09-30
What are the standards that must be met by the 5 Point Harness buckle of the stroller? The safety index of children's and infant products is very high, and the quality requirements of the stroller, which is the main tool for children's travel, are naturally the same. The quality requirements of the stroller not only require its quality to pass the customs, but also the environmental protection requirements must meet the national testing standards. Both the whole and the small parts must meet the various testing standards. The 5 Point Harness buckle is the most commonly used buckle on the stroller, and its various tests are also very strict. Environmental testing, safety index testing, and durability testing have to pass the 5-point safety buckle after these tests to be considered as quality pass.
2021 09-24
Why is the price of plastic buckles rising? As the materials of plastic buckles have risen in the face of our high-cost material prices, the market price of buckles will rise.
2021 09-18
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! At the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Jimei Fastener Factory will arrange a day off on the Mid-Autumn Festival in the warehouse on September 21, and the office will be off for 2 days. Our products (side release buckle, pet buckle, baby harness buckle, military buckle, stroller buckle) and other products can accept online orders, and we will serve you 24 hours a day. Happy Mid-autumn Festival!
2021 09-14
Why choose plastic buckles for pet buckles? The living standards of everyone in today's society need to be improved, so more and more friends are gradually starting to raise small pets. Correspondingly, all kinds of pet appliances are also rushing to appear. So that we can see small pet buckles on pet collars and small pet chest straps. There are all kinds of small pet buckles, but more and more small pet buckles are basically plastic buckles
2021 09-06
Choose the right baby carrier Choose high-quality carrier buckles The "Bring Baby Helper" baby carrier has always been widely welcomed by everyone. It frees the mother's hands, expands the baby's field of vision, and enhances the relationship between the baby and mother. There are many baby slings and baby waist stools on the market. How should baby carrier buckles choose? Let's take a look at the difference between the two!
2021 09-01
How to fasten the 5 point safety belt of the baby stroller? The 5 point seat belt is fastened correctly, and at the same time protects the baby's safety index more efficiently. Reasonable design and simple system are more convenient to use on our strollers and baby safety seats.
2021 08-31
What are the standards that must be met by the 5 point safety buckle of the stroller? The 5point safety buckle of the accessories on the stroller mainly considers its environmental protection and safety in use. Environmental testing items: materials must be used for environmental protection, and if necessary, they must be tested by some authoritative testing institutions.
2021 08-24
What product is more suitable for water rescue and the equipment is very importance?    Water rescue, basic rescue equipment includes life jackets, rescue helmets, rescue gloves, rescue boots, metal hooks, rope throwing pockets, etc. In special waters, underwater robots, drones, underwater destroyers, throwing ...
2021 08-17
Tensile test content of buckle The tensile test of the buckles is mainly to test the bearing capacity of the buckles, which is divided into two steps: 1. Instantaneous tension test is mainly used for inserting buckle,triangle buckle and daily buckle. It is ...
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