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2022 06-18
The 30th Shenzhen Gift Fair On June 17, 2022, Jimei Company participated in gifts as a visitor After a long absence, this exhibition gathered 300+ new products from the industry. 30+ industrial belts, bringing source special gifts We visited three exhibition halls in view of our company's industry trends, respectively No. 3 (1688 Factory Direct Purchase Hall), No. 6 (baby and child products are packaged with plastic, cups, pots, plastic products) No. 8 (leather bags), face-to-face with Industry and customer communication. We recommend our products to merchants who use related products. At the same time, I also understand the industry trends, some new application scenarios (baby safety belts), plastic safety buckles for cycling backpacks, water bottle and cup buckles, etc., and connect with more resources. Meet more new friends in the industry. Please continue to lock in the alibaba factory direct picking season, and look forward to every friend who comes to return with a full reward.
2022 06-16
New baby stroller magnet buckle Jimei has been developing new products continuously in the past two years. After different tests, our 5-point magnet buckle was officially launched in June. At the same time, our 5-point magnet buckle has applied for an appearance patent, and at the same time, different tensile tests are performed, in line with international test standards and raw materials are environmentally friendly. The 5-point design advantage: the waist belt and shoulder strap can be separated and can be divided into 5 points, and the force of each position is different. All comply with European regulations.More suitable for baby carriage seat belts.
2022 06-10
Why choose our buckles, comments from customers Customers from all over the world have recognized our products and received rave reviews.
2022 05-27
Compared with POM and PA, which is more wear-resistant? POM has self-lubricating properties. The higher the rigidity, the wear resistance will improve the wear resistance to a certain extent. It is not absolute. POM wear resistance can be modified with PTFE, or POM plus silicone oil to improve the wear resistance and reduce the friction coefficient! PA materials and glass-filled nylon are inherently heat and abrasion resistant, making them ideal for use with similar materials (with nylon) or with different materials (with metals or other thermoplastics). for the manufacture of moving parts. Still, wear and tear persists. The anti-skid and wear properties of PA materials can be enhanced in different ways, by far the most common solution is polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) additives. Under wear conditions, the PTFE is exposed and spreads out on the surface as the friction process develops, forming a similar coating structure with a very low coefficient of friction (COF).
2022 05-27
Jimei welcomes the leaders of the town government to inspect our company The town leaders affirmed the working environment and advanced equipment of our company's work inspection and visit, and affirmed the environment and advanced equipment of our production base. At the same time, they affirmed and guaranteed the products produced by Jimei. High-tech enterprises are key enterprises supported and supported by the state. It is hoped that Jimei will vigorously develop independent innovation, increase investment in research and development, improve independent innovation capabilities, and focus on the creation, protection and application of independent knowledge and property rights. It is hoped that Jimei will continue to enhance the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, enhance the status of the industry, and make greater contributions to the promotion of regional economic development and the field of plastic products.
2022 05-20
What standards should the five safety buckle on the stroller ? The safety index of children's infant products is very high, and the stroller, which is the main tool for children's travel, naturally has the same quality requirements. The quality requirements of the stroller are not only required to pass the quality test, but also to meet the national testing standards for environmental protection. Whether it is from the whole or small parts, it must meet various testing standards. The five-point safety buckle is the most used buckle on the stroller. Its various tests are also very strict. If the buckle fails, the entire stroller will not be available on the market. If there is a problem during use, the loss will be even worse. , then what standards should the five-point safety buckle on the stroller :Environmental testing,Safety index detection,Durability test.
2022 05-17
The role of the three-point safety buckle? The children's dining chair is a chair specially designed for children to eat, and it is an appliance that is convenient for babies to eat. The children's dining chair not only makes it easier for parents to take care of the baby, but also allows the baby to find fun in the process of eating. At the same time, it is very important to have safety equipment when the baby is eating. The three-point safety buckle plays a role in safety protection, so that the baby's thighs and the seat belt that passes through both legs and the sturdy three-point safety buckle, the three-point buckle can adjust the tightness, and the test standard for the baby's seat is very high , Every accessory of the seat needs to meet the safety inspection. Jimei's three-point safety buckle has passed various safety regulations, and the product quality is reliable. It is the choice of children's dining chairs in the market.
2022 04-29
Which is better for a 3-point or 5-point seat belt for a stroller? The five-point type is composed of two points on the baby's shoulders, two points on the waist and one point on the crotch. It has a low sense of restraint, high safety, and is easy for the baby to accept. At the same time, the five-point seat belt can be adjusted according to the size of the baby to better fit the baby's body. Five-point seat belts are mostly used within the age of 3; and after the child exceeds 18 kg, basically all the seats are fixed by three-point seat belts in the car. Some parents will be worried about the three-point seat belt fixation, but it is not necessary. Both fixing methods have been tested several times and meet the certification standards, and the safety is guaranteed.
2022 04-19
KJM Factory China Top 10 buckle manufacturer KJM buckle will conduct its first live broadcast on April 21, 2022, US time (last night: 19:10). The content of the live broadcast briefly introduces the factory's injection molding machine, packaging and assembly department, production line and other environments.
2022 04-13
New dog muzzle for sale Jimei dog muzzle is expected to be launched in the second half of this year according to the adjustment needs, and new and old customers in need can book in advance. Jimei dog muzzle is made of new materials, the product is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and can pass various safety inspections.
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