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2022 01-12
Spring is not closed! We do not close during the Spring Festival, we only accept orders and do not produce. Arrangements after the holiday.
2022 01-08
Luggage seat belts to make your travel easier? ith the improvement of people's living standards, people's consumption also increases. At the same time, the level of personal consumption is increasing, and for travel, more and more personal items are carried. There are more and more things in luggage, large and small, and luggage seat belts have become popular.
2022 01-06
Will the maximum POM raw materials continue to rise in 2022? Most of the growth in the injection molded plastic market is coming from the packaging industry's demand for this material, but beyond that, Increased demand in several other end-use industries such as automotive, packaging, electronics and consumer goods, construction and engineering, medical disposal, and technology areas such as computer-aided engineering and automated injection molding processes will further drive the growth capacity of the injection molding market. In addition, cheap labor, small amount of waste, high production efficiency and the ability to process multiple raw materials at the same time will further drive the market. However, fluctuating crude oil prices and high initial processing cost prices for injection molding are impeding overall market growth.
2022 01-03
Spring Festival Holiday Notice As the New Year is approaching, Jimei buckle will also enter the New Year. First of all, we would like to thank our customers for supporting us all the time. Your trust and support in the past days is our most precious wealth and the most precious gift. Here, Jimei buckle to the majority of new and old customers to extend the most sincere and most warm greetings: I wish you good health in the New Year. Business is booming.
2021 12-25
Merry Christmas! Christmas time is here. Jimei handbag accessories co,.ltd. With all good wishes for brilliant and happy Christmas Season .Hope things are going all right with you.
2021 12-21
What preparations do you need for Christmas? Every Christmas we have to prepare in advance to decorate the house and rooms. Christmas lights and Christmas trees are essential things for Christmas. To enhance the holiday atmosphere, we must decorate our house and decorate our Christmas tree.
2021 12-16
Jimei heavy military buckle series Jimei heavy military buckle series This year, we went forward courageously to create a series of military buckles. In the face of severe forms, Jimei fasteners takes innovation as a breakthrough point, constantly researches and develops new product series, and is committed to creating military products, creating safe, healthy, and strong-textured fastener products.
2021 12-16
Jimei Buckle Helmet Buckle Series Jimei Buckle Helmet Buckle Series Helmet various accessories safety buckle Safety helmet strap, fan-shaped shell adjustment buckle, electric bicycle helmet triangle buckle Six-point helmet accessories anti-lost adjustment buckle helmet accessories chin rest, etc.
2021 12-11
Kjm internal PK competition "Hundred Regiments Battle" According to the rules and regulations of the competition, the top 8 salespersons will be rewarded if the sales performance is achieved in one month. At the same time, there will be competitions between the departments. Each team will compete in PK. The competition is very fierce. Every business contacts and communicates with all old customers this month, and each of them has the opportunity to work hard to compete. Work overtime. very hardworking.
2021 12-09
Why will our company's plastic buckle usher in the second price increase? according to The supply of POM data POM is more dependent on imports. From the perspective of the brands in the main import source countries, Formosa Plastics FM090 has been delayed in supply from the port since May. Domestic inventory has gradually been exhausted, and there is a shortage of goods in some areas. The situation; Nantong Baotailing, and Asahi Chemicals have heard about the recent storage and maintenance plan, the offer has continued to be high in recent months; while Celanese, which is accelerating localization, its output is still at a low level. As for domestic manufacturers, although all manufacturers are producing at full capacity, they are too busy to deliver pre-orders and the market spot inventory is low. In addition, PC and ABS related products of POM continued to rise, which drove the market to a certain extent. Traders are reluctant to sell their stocks and have a strong willingness to keep prices, and they wait for market highs to prevail.
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