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2021 04-17
2021 The 7th China(Shenzhen) International Pet Supplies Exhibition On April 15th, 2021 The 7th China(Shenzhen) International Pet Supplies Exhibition, which has attracted much attention from the inside and outside the industry, grandly opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center! ...
2021 04-10
Magnetic buckle video High quality quick release plastic magnetic buckle for backpack ,clothing,bag, can customized color.
2021 04-05
The first general meeting in 2021 On April 3, 2021, our company will hold a staff meeting. Last year, our company expanded, and colleagues from the second factory also arrived at the conference site because we often couldn't meet each other. The first link is the introdu...
2021 03-27
3D model room Our most important task today is to organize and update the model room.
2021 03-24
KJM Plastic Webbing Handle
2021 03-22
New type magnetic buckle Following the A284 magnet buckle, our company has recently developed four new types of magnet buckles, including A423 and A416. After half a year of repeated testing and improvement, it can finally go online. It takes about 2 months for ou...
2021 03-13
The price of raw materials has risen Recently, our raw material suppliers for plastic buckles have begun to increase prices, which has led to an increase in the cost of the raw materials we purchase. The unit price of our plastic buckle was originally adjusted, but today, a...
2021 02-27
2021 Go ahead After a 15-day holiday, we officially resumed work on February 22, and the new year begins. Starting from March 1, we will start a 30-day welfare activity to give back to our new and old customers.        ...
2021 01-21
Notice New Year Holiday will start from 31th January to 21th February 2021. Our factory will resume on 2th February 2021. Should you have any question, please contact us through below contact information, we will response you in ti...
2020 12-19
Shipping On December 16, 2020, the customized military buckle loading trucks of Bangladesh customers were sent to the port. The company worked together, male colleagues contributed their physical strength to help carry the boxes, and female colle...
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