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2021 11-10
Jimei buckle baby and children swimming ring safety buckle Jimei Buckle Baby and children swimming ring safety buckle series Can be used for various underwater life-saving products Swimming ring, floating board, baby lying ring, foam arm ring, etc. Fix the stability of the human body and the swimming ring Jimei buckle products Pass various tests Security is guaranteed high quality your choice
2021 11-10
Jimei's new magnet buckle This is a black strong pull magnet buckle, which is more widely used on tactical belts. The structure of the tactical belt consists of a black slider with a magnet buckle on the high-density PP webbing. The webbing is high-density and silky.
2021 11-08
Jimei Buckle New Product Tactical Nylon Kettle Hanging Belt Buckle Product Name: belt buckle
Item no.: A-251
2021 11-04
Jimei buckle new products Product Name:
2021 11-04
Beautiful buckle new product night luminous pet leash buckle Product name:Transparent luminous buckle for pets
Features: Luminous
2021 10-19
Towing rope safety socket gives pets more free safety control! Whether it's a small pet or a big pet.Pet leashes are all necessaryAnd safe pet buckle It is an important guarantee to protect pets from getting lost.
2021 10-11
New military series tactical buckle Facing the severe situation, Jimei Fasteners takes innovation as a breakthrough point, constantly researches and develops new products tactical buckle, has won more than 100 product patents, and launched a new series of strategic military products.
2021 09-30
What are the standards that must be met by the 5 Point Harness buckle of the stroller? The safety index of children's and infant products is very high, and the quality requirements of the stroller, which is the main tool for children's travel, are naturally the same. The quality requirements of the stroller not only require its quality to pass the customs, but also the environmental protection requirements must meet the national testing standards. Both the whole and the small parts must meet the various testing standards. The 5 Point Harness buckle is the most commonly used buckle on the stroller, and its various tests are also very strict. Environmental testing, safety index testing, and durability testing have to pass the 5-point safety buckle after these tests to be considered as quality pass.
2021 09-24
Why is the price of plastic buckles rising? As the materials of plastic buckles have risen in the face of our high-cost material prices, the market price of buckles will rise.
2021 09-18
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! At the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Jimei Fastener Factory will arrange a day off on the Mid-Autumn Festival in the warehouse on September 21, and the office will be off for 2 days. Our products (side release buckle, pet buckle, baby harness buckle, military buckle, stroller buckle) and other products can accept online orders, and we will serve you 24 hours a day. Happy Mid-autumn Festival!
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