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Kjm internal PK competition “Hundred Regiments Battle“

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    On October 25th, we received the above leadership arrangement. The sales department is divided into two departments, one is the domestic market business department and the PK international market business department. The competition time is the end of the month on November 30.
     According to the rules and regulations of the competition, the top 8 salespersons will be rewarded if the sales performance is achieved in one month. At the same time, there will be competitions between the departments. Each team will compete in PK. The competition is very fierce. Every business contacts and communicates with all old customers this month, and each of them has the opportunity to work hard to compete. Work overtime. very hardworking.
   The event ended successfully on November 30th. Someone loses and some wins. Everyone actively refers to this event. Our company's overall goal is 800W, and we have successfully broken through a very impressive result of 1000W. This achievement also witnessed the efforts of each of our salesmen. Like them. In the next year, we will continue to work harder to make progress and jointly witness our bigger and stronger Jimei.

The following is their battle report.



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