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KJM Fire Drill

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  High temperature in summer, frequent fires. In order to improve the fire safety awareness of Jimei employees, and enhance the ability of fire emergency self-rescue and self-protection. On August 15th, all Jimei employees carried out fire safety knowledge training and emergency drills, and professional safety administrators served as the trainers. The employees actively participated in the drill to gain an in-depth understanding of fire prevention and disaster relief knowledge from theory to practice. This drill not only pays attention to the life safety of employees, but also reflects the fulfillment of social responsibility.


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  This drill includes three parts: theoretical explanation, knowledge of fire fighting supplies, and on-site fire fighting practice, which lasted for one hour. In the activity, in addition to publicizing the basic knowledge of how to save oneself and extinguishing fire in case of fire, it also actively publicized the importance of fire prevention, and increased the vigilance and attention to fire hazards.


  The Jimei site covers an area of about 15,000 square meters, with more than 200 people and a large flow of personnel and goods. It is the unshirkable responsibility of Jimei to ensure the personal safety of employees and the fire safety of warehouse goods. The full implementation of safety responsibilities is of great significance to the safe and stable operation of enterprises.

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  At the event site, everyone took it seriously and actively participated. First, Manager Wu briefly described the cause of the fire, escape skills and other knowledge, and gave a detailed explanation of the warehouse evacuation route and signal requirements. Manager Wu introduced the installation and use of fire hoses and the inspection and use of portable dry powder fire extinguishers in detail to the attendees, and theoretically consolidates fire safety knowledge for employees.


   After the theoretical explanation class, the drill entered the stage of fire fighting practice. The employees were evacuated from the warehouse upstairs to the safe area of the park in an orderly manner, and the fire was simulated on the spot and used dry powder fire extinguishers to put out the fire. Through practical drills, everyone can experience how to properly use fire fighting equipment to carry out fire fighting drills in the fire scene. With the joint efforts of the participants, the fire was quickly controlled and successfully extinguished.



 Through this activity, the ability of the workers to fight against fires has been further improved, their awareness of fire safety precautions has been enhanced, a good fire safety environment has been created, and the fire safety concept of "preventing problems from unburned" has been established. Finally, Ji Mei hereby reminds that the on-site simulation exercise is different from real life, and the awareness of fire prevention and prevention must not be taken lightly. There is no exercise in life, tighten the safety strings, and firmly establish fire safety awareness in daily life, start from small things around you, develop good habits of using electricity and fire, and eliminate fire hazards from the root cause.

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