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Zhongshan Jimei Handbag Parts Co., Ltd specializes in Stroller Buckles, Safe Buckles, Side Release Buckles, Hooks, Square Buckles, Slide Buckles, Plastic Buckles, boxes, bags, plastic accessories, Photographic equipment, buckle and cloth...


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Quality Advantages

  • Products meet various safety standards
    Pull: Max 220Kg Torque: Max 120Kg
    Wallop: Max 2.5m Max 10Kg
  • The lifespan of JIMEI's product is over 10 years, which is 4 years longer than other brands
  • Environmental-Friendly: Raw materials from
    Polly inJapan, DuPont USA are passed by SGS,ROHHS, REACH

Production Advantages

  • Owned 61 advanced equipments, such as Injection MoldingMachines, Engraving machines etc, 30 developing equipments,such as Cutting machines, Presses, Grinding Machines etc.
  • Having over 1,300 types of product molds to ensure new style and variety
  • Accept OEM to shorten production cycle and improve more productions

Design Advantages

  • JIMEI is familiar with process to keep and improve the products’quality with professional teams
  • Owning over 100 design patents and launching 12 new design per month
  • Punctual lead time: it is on time and usually takes 7-8 days to complete, 3-4 days for samples, 20 days for OEM only.


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