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The quality requirements of the stroller

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Children's dining chair is a special chair for children to eat, belonging to the convenience of the baby eating with the apparatus. Children's dining chairs not only make it easier for parents to take care of their babies, but also allow babies to find fun in the process of eating by themselves. At the same time baby do when the safety issues equipped with very important. Three-point safety buckle to play a safety protection role, so that the baby's thighs and through the two legs of the seat belt and sturdy three-point safety buckle, three-point buckle can adjust the elasticity, and each time the adjustment is firm enough to do so. And the baby seat testing standards are very high, each accessory of the seat needs to meet the safety regulations testing, Jimei three-point safety buckle through a variety of safety regulations, product quality and reliable, is the choice of the market children's dining chairs.


The quality requirements of the stroller not only requires its quality to pass, environmental protection requirements should also meet the national testing standards, then the safety buckle of the stroller to meet which testing standards?

Environmental testing: stroller accessories on the five-point safety buckle is mainly to consider its environmental protection and safety of use. Environmental testing items: must use environmentally friendly materials, if necessary, need to pass some authoritative testing agencies, such as SGS. safety indicators testing: tensile force, torque, impact force, pressure (to ensure that children can not press, parents can easily press the buckle open) and other strict requirements, temperature testing, safety standards, etc. Safety standards for stroller buckles are also more detailed and strict, because the child's skin is more delicate and easily scratched, buckles in places easily accessible to children. So the buckle on the stroller must not be easy to hurt the child's sharp batch of sharp mouth; buckle design should also be reasonable, the gap of the buckle can not be stuck in the child's fingers, etc.



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