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Magnetic Belt Buckle A411

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The new product A411 is online.

A411 and A284 are both our own mold-opening magnet buckles, but the two are not the same in design. A411 has stronger magnetic force and is suitable for belt.


The most commonly used material for belt buckles is zinc alloy, which is formed by melting the zinc alloy with an injection molding machine and casting it with a mold, and then undergoing various subsequent polishing and plating processes. In addition to the zinc alloy, there are also some copper used as raw materials. Copper buckles can obtain better gloss, feel and durability after post-processing, but the cost will be relatively higher. Secondly, the proportion of using stainless steel as a raw material is also increasing. The quality of high-grade stainless steel is better, but the sub-grade stainless steel has rough texture, and the gloss and feel are not ideal. In addition, high-grade stainless steel has high costs, is difficult to process, and is difficult to popularize. In addition, some use tin alloy or iron as raw materials, but because the texture is not good, the surface effect treatment is often not ideal.

With the progress of the times and the needs of some customers, the belt buckle has gradually begun to use plastic materials, because the plastic material itself is light and convenient, strong and wear-resistant! As long as the molds of the previous products are developed and processed well, the appearance and practicality of the appearance can be greatly guaranteed, and the cost performance is much higher than that of the zinc alloy material. The following is our newly developed plastic belt buckle.


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