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High quality military buckle manufacturer

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A long time ago, the only people who used tactical gear and rescue equipment were those who actually needed it. Of course, times have changed and now we see tactical and rescue gear on the back of anyone who wants to wear it and can afford it. What is tactical gear and rescue gear? What makes a product a true tactical gear and rescue gear, and what are the highly rigorous tests required to make and accessorise tactical gear and rescue gear? Gimme, the professional production of tactical equipment buckles and rescue equipment buckles source manufacturers. Set research and development, production, sales integration company. The production process is strictly controlled and the quality of the products passes all strict tests. At present, the company has 200 sets of production equipment, 15 sets of advanced testing equipment, 2000 sets of independent research and development moulds, 60 professional R & D staff 260 appearance patent certificates. In addition, our company has obtained ISO 9001 quality certification system and ISO 14001 environmental certification system. Our products are sold at home and abroad, and the raw materials used can be certified by OEKO-100 and the products produced can be provided with EU R EACH and ROHS test certificates issued by SGS testing company. The company has been focusing on corporate image, based on technology development, strengthening quality management and optimising after-sales service.