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KJM Side Release Buckles

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Outdoor luggage series, Jimei's main stroller safety buckles, outdoor luggage buckles, pet buckles, handles, etc. After continuous efforts, outdoor luggage buckles have also occupied more than 50% of our domestic market share. As an outdoor luggage series: we are divided into ordinary outdoor, as well as military.


There are two different materials: POM and PA6 or PA66 are environmentally friendly materials

At the same time, there are various styles, and different colors can be customized according to requirements: regular military buckles; military green, brown, black. Specifications can be customized according to different requirements and LOGO customization.

straps buckle

So there are products we have tensile test report and certificate of import and export requirements. Such as SGS.AEKO, ISO9001, GRS, high quality and better experience for global users.

tactical buckles


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