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Jimei's new magnet buckle

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   Jimei buckle with magnet buckle series
Plastic magnet buckle
Outdoor tactical belt with magnet buckle
Multifunctional training belt magnetic buckle

Luggage adjustment buckle Magnetic buckle

Plastic magnet buckle

This is a black strong pull magnet buckle, which is more widely used on tactical belts. The structure of the tactical belt consists of a black slider with a magnet buckle on the high-density PP webbing. The webbing is high-density and silky.

The magnet buckle is made of new materials

Magnet glue treatment

Prevent magnets from rusting and falling off

Smooth appearance

High-end atmosphere, super texture

Personalized customization

According to your needs, colors, logos, crafts, etc. can be formulated

Produce according to your needs

Satisfy your needs

Create your own special buckle for you

belt buckle

Outdoor tactical belt magnet buckle

Super magnetic buckle

Scratch-resistant and wear-resistant

Professional button design

The subtleties are visible

Fine workmanship

Jimei Buckle

15 years of experience in fastener manufacturing

Industry high-end fastener selector


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