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2021 08-09
Tactical Vest quick buckle The changing process of tactical vest quick shackle and many new R & D products solve the previous problems, which is more suitable for today's tactical backpack
2021 07-26
Buckle test With the continuous diversification of products and strict testing, we have to carry out various tests on different materials for Japanese buckle, D buckle and buckle on backpack, as well as product tensile test, Among them, metal fasteners should also be tested for rust prevention, corrosion prevention and drug resistance. If plastic fasteners are processed after products, such as electroplating, water dyeing, greasing and other processes, they should further test whether these additional processes are qualified.
2021 07-17
The d-ring function of backpack The Japanese button is used in the shoulder belt, which can adjust the length of the whole shoulder belt through a certain way of interpenetration. D-ring, named for its appearance like the letter "d", has a wide range of uses, often used to fix the water pipe on the strap, or to hang some small objects
2021 07-12
Pet collar Pet collars and necklaces: dogs are happy to go out for a walk, and cats have the nature of wandering. For their safety, it's best to put on collars and necklaces for them. In pet stores, you can find metal, nylon and leather collars and necklaces. Metal is durable and the price is the lowest, but it will make your baby feel uncomfortable; Nylon is light and comfortable, and its price is in the middle; Leather is luxurious and high-grade, but domestic products are hard, imported products are soft and beautiful, but the price is expensive.
2021 07-05
Backpack buckle is useful Let's talk about the function and method of Japanese word deduction, item deduction.
2021 07-03
The effect of buckle on backpack A backpack that has no backpack buckles is not a good backpack. Making full use of the quilt buckles can not only effectively improve the adjustment and recording of the backpack, but also ensure the safety of outdoor sports to a certain extent.
2021 06-26
Tactical military dog harness buckle KJM OEM ODM accept pet side release buckle for collar harness vest. This item is A213, it is a plastic buckle commonly used on dog collars. It has a very large pull force and you can customize your own logo. We accept ...
2021 06-19
Happy Father's Day June 20, 2021 is Father's Day. First of all, I wish all dads a happy holiday! The world’s first Father’s Day was born in the United States in 1910 and was initiated by Mrs. Bruce Dodd who lived in Spokane, Washington. C...
2021 06-12
Backpack webbing handle KJM OEM ODM accept customized travel hiking backpack webbing carrying handle,luggge plastic and metal carry handle.
2021 05-29
Notice Recently, there have been cases of new coronary pneumonia in Shenzhen. The Chinese government cancelled The 4td Global Cross Borger E-commerce Festival And The 6th Shenzhen INT'L Cross Border E-commerce Trade EXPO on June 1-3 out of secu...
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