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2020 05-09
Bonus After a year of hard work, the boss gave us a reward today.
2020 04-25
Limited time offer KJM buckle internal clearance Since its establishment, KJM fasteners have always followed the supremacy of customers, the pursuit of quality first, the use of imported environmental protection materials, the product quality has bee...
2020 04-18
Knowledge of rope buckle The cordlock buckle is small and often used to adjust the length of the rope. It is commonly used in clothing, backpacks, shoes, so the rope buckle is both a bag buckle and a clothing accessory buckle. The material for making the c...
2020 04-11
Baby stroller seat belt knowledge Mom and Dad's love for the baby is desperate. The clothes may be the most expensive, the shoes are the most expensive, and the strollers are the most convenient. But they may forget the comfort and safety of the product. For...
2020 04-03
Protect yourself When there was COVID-19 in China, there was a lack of masks on the market, but Korean friends sent us protective masks. Now COVID-19 has appeared in South Korea, and we also hope to give some help to Korean friends, so we try our best to...
2020 03-28
Magnetic Belt Buckle A411 The new product A411 is online. A411 and A284 are both our own mold-opening magnet buckles, but the two are not the same in design. A411 has stronger magnetic force and is suitable for belt.   The most commonly us...
2020 03-21
KJM production recovery Affected by the COVID-19, China's enterprises in other industries, except for the production of medical protective products, must delay the start of work, and can not resume work on time as originally planned. Even though the Chinese gov...
2020 03-16
KJM annual symposium On January 14, 2020, we held an annual conference of KJM on the day before the holiday. 1. Business leaders and material supplier partners enter the scene and take a group photo. 2. Dance opening. 3. S...
2020 03-07
A letter from KJM Dear, Recently, significant progress has been made in the prevention and treatment of the COVID-19 in China. The Chinese government supports and escorts workers to return to work. However, we have received bad news, and COVID-19 has al...
2020 03-02
Letter of thanks Dear Kevin, Thank you very much for learning about the spread of the NCP in our country, knowing that our masks are in short supply, and buying masks in Korea and sending them to us. At the time, I was particularly touched w
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