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Jimei successfully passed the certification of Alibaba International Station

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After the comprehensive evaluation and verification of JIMEI by the international third-party authoritative certification agency, our company has successfully passed the Alibaba Gold Plus Supplier Certification recently. This certification not only shows the comprehensive strength of JIMEI, but also helps our company to take a solid step in brand building and further enhance the international image of JIMEI.

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Alibaba Gold Plus Supplier member is a high-quality supplier verified by the authority of Alibaba platform. Through the combination of online and offline evaluation and audit, the platform will evaluate and verify the enterprise qualification, commodity qualification, enterprise capability and other all-round strengths of the business, and take photos and videos on the spot.


The successful certification of Alibaba Gold Plus Supplier is a strong evidence of JIMEI's high-quality service, which fully demonstrates the strength of JIMEI's product research and development ability, quality inspection ability and after-sales service ability. Whether it is enterprise qualification or product quality, it shows that JIMEI is a reliable buckle production company.

At the same time, being able to successfully pass the authority certification of Alibaba Gold Plus Supplier is an affirmation of the standardization and efficiency of various works of JIMEI. It is a good opportunity for us to connect with the world, break through the business bottleneck and move towards the world stage.

After this certification, our company will further optimize and standardize various management systems, improve the management level and system operation of the company, improve the quality of customer service, and promote the company's faster and better development.


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