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New testing equipment arrived

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Recently, many customers have asked us whether the buckle material is environmentally friendly, how often the buckle is used, whether there is a certificate, and so on. In order to provide users with a greater sense of security, to ensure the quality of the buckles, and to ensure the safety of the buckle during use, the company has arranged to send the buckle to a third-party testing agency for testing, and purchase a batch of new testing machines to produce buckle. Conduct a more comprehensive test.

The fatigue testing machine is a new batch of testing machines that our company has just purchased. Recently, some users asked how many times our buckle has been used by ourselves, but because of the difference in raw materials, temperature and use environment, no accurate data can be provided to users. So we urgently purchased a batch of fatigue testing machines to test our buckles, check the number of times the buckle are opened, and test the elasticity of the buckle. The picture below is our test machine.


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