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Metal dog leash hook

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Now pet owners are increasing year by year, and pet leashes are widely welcomed by everyone. Pet leashes are called dog's life ropes. Using a leash to walk a dog in public places can prevent dogs from running around to scare vulnerable groups such as the elderly and children and affect others, and can also effectively prevent the loss of dogs. What role does the metal hook on the pet belt play?

There are three commonly used P-shaped chains, retractable traction ropes, and pet collars on the market. We found that all three models have the same buckle-metal hook.10

Metal hooks are generally made of zinc alloy die-casting. They are used in various handbags, traction belts, and bags. They are mainly used for the ends of bags or lanyards, so that the bags can be easily fixed on D buckles or other round buckles. Buttons made of alloy materials:

Zinc alloy: used for high-end buckles such as buckle, D buckle, hook buckle, belt buckle, etc.


Aluminum alloy: lighter material used for carabiner and climbing buckle

climbing buckle

Iron: wire buckle, D buckle, square buckle, core pull buckle

Copper: generally used for rope buckle springs, customers require other buckles

Due to the instability of prices in the market, zinc alloy materials are commonly used for metal hooks, and the surface is electroplated or painted.

The hooks after electroplating can enhance the corrosion resistance of the metal (corrosion-resistant metals are mostly used for the coated metal), increase hardness, prevent wear, improve conductivity, smoothness, heat resistance and beautiful surface. We sell buttons, or we can also customize hardware fasteners. If the quantity reaches a certain level, you can refund your mold opening fee.


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