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Choose the right baby carrier Choose high-quality carrier buckles

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The "Bring Baby Helper" baby carrier has always been widely welcomed by everyone. It frees the mother's hands, expands the baby's field of vision, and enhances the relationship between the baby and mother. There are many baby slings and baby waist stools on the market. How should  baby carrier buckles choose? Let's take a look at the difference between the two!

Baby carrier 

3 point buckle

It’s really hard to hold a baby in your arms, so it’s necessary to prepare a child carrier. Put the crying baby in the front carrier so that the baby can feel the mother’s body temperature. Listening to the mother’s heartbeat can effectively relieve the baby. Crying. If you take the baby a few more steps, maybe within a few minutes, the baby will fall asleep peacefully in the harness. If you are carrying your baby at home and have to do housework, then you can use the baby carrier. Generally speaking, the baby can use the safety buckle baby carrier for three months. The front-carrying baby carrier allows the baby to face the parents to observe the baby's state in time, avoiding the danger of suffocation due to the squeezing of the nose and mouth. Mom can read the news and go out to buy groceries

5 point safety buckle

(1) Mothers will feel very tired if they use the baby carrier for a long time.
(2) The baby carrier is not well ventilated, and the heat cannot be emitted in the summer, which will cause the mother and baby to feel very hot.
(3) It is troublesome to put on and take off the baby carrier, so it is not suitable for mothers who are afraid of trouble.


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