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The 30th Shenzhen Gift Fair

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   On June 17, 2022, Jimei Company participated in gifts as a visitor

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    After a long absence, this exhibition gathered 300+ new products from the industry. 30+ industrial belts, bringing source special gifts

stroller buckle

   We visited three exhibition halls in view of our company's industry trends, respectively No. 3 (1688 Factory Direct Purchase Hall), No. 6 (baby and child products are packaged with plastic, cups, pots, plastic products) No. 8 (leather bags), face-to-face with Industry and customer communication. We recommend our products to merchants who use related products. At the same time, I also understand the industry trends, some new application scenarios (baby safety belts), plastic safety buckles for cycling backpacks, water bottle and cup buckles, etc., and connect with more resources. Meet more new friends in the industry.

stroller buckle

Please continue to lock in the alibaba factory direct picking season, and look forward to every friend who comes to return with a full reward.


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