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New baby stroller magnet buckle

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With the expansion of the baby market, there are more and more styles of baby stroller buckles on the market. New styles have also appeared in the past two years, and baby magnet buckles have also been developed.

Jimei has been developing new products continuously in the past two years. After different tests, our 5-point magnet buckle was officially launched in June.

stroller magnet buckle

At the same time, our 5-point magnet buckle has applied for an appearance patent, and at the same time, different tensile tests are performed, in line with international test standards and raw materials are environmentally friendly.

The 5-point design advantage: the waist belt and shoulder strap can be separated and can be divided into 5 points, and the force of each position is different. All comply with European regulations.More suitable for baby carriage seat belts.

stroller buckle

LOGO customization can be provided for customers. Create a personalized image brand.

If you need color LOGO customization, you can contact us.

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