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Tactical Vest quick buckle

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  In recent years, foreign tactical brands are popular to use quick release fasteners as a symbol to improve the convenience of tactical vests. Among them, the tubes of firstspear is the founder product, which provides users with a new unlocking experience.

  There are three brands of the most well-known tactical vest quick release fasteners in the market, the first is the tubes of the founder firstspear, the other is the ROC of due Emme, and the other is tactik of national molding. The opening and closing methods of each fastener have their own advantages and differences. The following is a brief introduction.

  Firstspear tubes is the first tactical vest quick release fastener launched and mass produced. It is mainly used for vests designed and developed by firstspear, including the well-known strandhogg, AAC, siege-r optimized, etc. its main feature is that it can quickly open and close the shoulder strap and waist seal of tactical vest, and both sides can be opened and closed, The disadvantage is that you need to find the right position to join.

 With the change of demand, many products have been developed quickly, such as military fastener quick shackle. As shown in the picture, opening and closing locking is more convenient. As shown in the picture


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