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Why is the price of plastic buckles rising?

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   Most of our plastic buckles are made of environmentally friendly POM. Following the continuous increase in prices in the fastener industry last month, why the price of our fasteners will rise? Let’s talk about the trend of rising raw materials.

  The POM market in August ushered in a new price boom. Since the beginning of this year, the POM market price has been rising all the way, and the pace of progress has never stopped. POM domestic and foreign factories have low inventory, strict control of goods, and low social inventory. Now September Soon, how will the POM market soar all the way?

   Figure 1 POM industry start-up trend chart

   According to the data, the operating rate of POM production enterprises this week was 71.85%, a decrease of 13.55% from the previous month, and a decrease of 5.61% year-on-year; the Chongqing Yuntianhua plant was overhauled, and the first phase of Yankuang was shut down due to environmental protection issues. The operating rate continued to decline. The supply of domestic POM manufacturers also Continued to shrink, so the POM operating rate has dropped significantly, and the overall POM operating rate is still low.

   As shown in the figure, since the beginning of this year, POM has entered a continuous rise in the market. Manufacturers strictly control prices, and prices continue to benefit the market. This is also embarrassing for POM. Manufacturers and social inventory sources are relatively low. Although the downstream demand is weak and the exposure to high prices is weak,plastic buckle  the seller’s rights are greater than the buyer’s rights. Situation in place. The POM manufacturer industry association is imminent, and the company’s offer prices are adjusted flexibly. Recently, there are few shipments from holders, and some low-end materials are in good condition, but the overall situation is still average.

10mm buckle-1

   On the downstream side, POM downstream products companies continued to slump in their operations this week. Large companies are the main ones, and some small companies have lowered their burdens due to high prices. Faced with high cost pressures, downstream profits are gradually being compressed, and the start of construction continues to be sluggish. According to the above data, why did the price of our plastic buckle rise? That is, we are facing high cost pressure, so we have to increase the price a little bit.

   On the whole, the supply of POM is still tight, the demand has not increased temporarily, and the downstream receiving pressure is relatively high. Considering that the POM raw materials are still rising, the manufacturers are operating on the low side, and the inventory is low, POM is still expected to continue to rise. Plastic buckles are better to buy now, and the following materials will continue to rise.