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How to fasten the 5 point safety belt of the baby stroller?

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  How to fasten the5 point safety belt of the stroller? Let's take a look at the answer to this question together!

  The 5 point position is on both sides of the seat. There are a total of five seat belts in the middle of the two legs and on both sides of the shoulders. Put the baby on the seat and buckle up. The total buckle is under the baby's stomach, so that the baby stays in the stroller. It will be very safe inside.

 5 safety harness buckle

  The 5 point seat belt can dissipate the force generated by the impact in 5 directions at the same time, and transfer the external force from the child. It can be adjusted continuously according to the baby's body size, so as to protect the baby more fit and comprehensively. Ensure that the baby has enough space to move in the safest state. At the same time, the baby cannot open the buckle by himself, so that parents can feel more at ease.

 5 point seat belt buckle

  Parents' requirements for the safety and reliability of baby strollers are constantly improving. Five-point safety belts have become standard for baby strollers. For baby strollers with front armrests (especially umbrella carts and folding umbrella carts), in addition to five-point safety belts,is usually equipped with a crotch belt to prevent the baby from slipping out of the gap in the armrest. In this way, the baby presents a double crotch belt when sitting on the stroller and wearing the seat belt.

  The safety of the baby is indeed guaranteed, but many parents have pointed out that this design is too cumbersome, and usually in the home without wearing a seat belt, the baby sits in a stroller, the double crotch belt will separate the babys buttocks. The baby is uncomfortable sitting. This kind of stroller is cumbersome to make, labor-intensive, and can't bring comfort to babies and parents.

5 point safety buckle

 Therefore, the 5  point design of the baby seat belt can effectively improve the safety index of the stroller, and can better protect your baby without affecting the baby's range of motion.


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