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The effect of buckle on backpack

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A backpack that has no backpack buckles is not a good backpack. Making full use of the quilt buckles can not only effectively improve the adjustment and recording of the backpack, but also ensure the safety of outdoor sports to a certain buckle

The double-adjustable buckle has the strongest adjustment ability among backpack buckles. The double-adjustable buckle is a buckle that can adjust the length of the webbing on the backpack through the buckle. The mesh buckle is also a type of backpack buckle with strong adjustment ability. Although it does not have as many buckle functions, the operation of adjusting the length of the webbing through the mesh buckle is also very simple and convenient. The adjustment ability of the Japanese-shaped buckle is relatively low, but the buckle is equipped with a Japanese-shaped buckle with ears, which can make the adjustment function of the buckle even more powerful. With the ear-shaped buckle, the left and right width and up and down of the shoulder strap can be adjusted at will position.

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