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Buckle test

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  There are two main aspects during the test of fasteners:

  The first is the tensile test, which is mainly to test the bearing capacity of the fastener, which is divided into two steps:

tactical buckle

  1. Instantaneous tension test is mainly used for inserting buckle, D buckle and daily buckle. It is used to test the strength of the fastener when suddenly encountering strong tension.
  2. The main principle of endurance tension test is to determine the time value borne by the fastener when the load is a certain weight.
  3. About the buckle, there is also the detection of the number of times of use. It keeps opening and closing to test how many times the buckle will deform.
Three direction or multi-directional buckle detection is more complex.
The second is the temperature test, which mainly tests the bearing capacity of the fastener under unconventional temperature, which is divided into high temperature and low temperature
  1. The high temperature is usually set at 70 degrees Celsius
  2. The low temperature is usually set at minus 30 degrees
  The time was 24 hours, and then the change of intensity was tested.

  The third is the salt spray test, which is mainly to monitor the anti salinity of fasteners. Some products can only be transported by sea. Long-term offshore operation will have an impact on the quality of products. This test is also divided into two steps.

Tactical military buckle

  1. Soak the fastener in seawater for 72 hours
  2. Expose the soaked fastener to the sun for 5-7 days
  3. After the test, whether the test strength has changed too much.
  For example, acid proof test can be tested according to different requirements and materials. For metal fasteners, their rust prevention, corrosion prevention and drug resistance should also be tested. If plastic fasteners are processed after products, such as electroplating, water dyeing, greasing and so on, It is also necessary to further test whether these additional processes are qualified.
  Of course, there are higher standard tests applied to extreme sports such as diving. What UL certification, TS16949 certification and vda6.0 standard can not be passed by ordinary fastener manufacturers.
The above is a brief description of fasteners. With the continuous development of products, the varieties are becoming more and more diversified, and the detection in this regard is becoming more and more strict.


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