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Pet collar

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Nowadays, China's pet products market is changing from the initial stage to the mature stage, and many foreign-funded enterprises have invested in it

China's pet industry, there are many domestic manufacturers to enter the overseas market. Industry insiders know that in the increasingly competitive situation, it is particularly important to timely grasp the domestic and international market situation and know all kinds of pet market related consultation.

Material selection

Pet collars and necklaces: dogs are happy to go out for a walk, and cats have the nature of wandering. For their safety, it's best to put on collars and necklaces for them. In pet stores, you can find metal, nylon and leather collars and necklaces. Metal is durable and the price is the lowest, but it will make your baby feel uncomfortable; Nylon is light and comfortable, and its price is in the middle; Leather is luxurious and high-grade, but domestic products are hard, imported products are soft and beautiful, but the price is expensive.