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The professional teams of JIMEI

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With 12 years development, there are 220 employees, which are over 30 employees from Research teams and the remaining ones from Assembly Lines.

It is new designs and  more personality with professional design teams. Now there are over 100 patents and designs and researches 12 new products by ourselves every month.

Lead time: It is on time and usually takes 7-8 days to complete, 3-4 days for samples, 20 days for OEM only.

Customers ‘services: Systematic Customers ‘Management, fast resolving, refund within days, no reasonable refund for quality within 30 days.

Zhongshan Jimei Handbag Parts Co., Ltd specializes in Stroller Buckles, Safe Buckles, Side Release Buckles, Hooks, Square Buckles, Slide Buckles, Plastic Buckles, boxes, bags, plastic accessories, Photographic equipment, buckle and clothing accessories , a series of accessories.