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Jimei in Shanghai CBME Exhibition

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Shanghai CBME Exhibition was displayed from July 19-21th.  As the Exhibition was completed, Jimei Buckle has received more from CBME Exhibition and let’s return to Shanghai CBME and enjoy the atmosphere again!!

The outer temperature in Shanghai was up to 38℃, but all exhibiters and visitors were eager to come for visiting.  All visitors kept staying in front of our booth for inquiring quotations, MOQ, QTY and quality of items etc while our staffs were busy servicing all the time.  More important, we gained more order from old &new potential Clients during CBME period.  Please review the images of visitors and booth following.

    CBME not only received more potential clients, but also improves the impact on KJM brand in walks of plastic Buckles. Also, it makes more clients to know and accept the KJM brand while it will be trusted and supported by old clients.  More important, it brought more orders under the rules of discount activity and policy, which was increased to half one million RMB (Approx 75,000 USD).  For more, please check the images of discount policy and Old clients below.

Have you feel the atmosphere in Shanghai CBME? Do you think the CBME  end?  Not yet !!

Next, the Pet Exhibition on August in Shanghai, Colon Fair on September in Germany and Shanghai CBME on October will be coming.  Hopefully we will see and work with you again!!

Finally, we never stop working for top famous brand of KJM in walks of plastic buckles.

For more, please scan the 2D Barcode below.

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