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Mask adjuster plastic stopper

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Due to the rapid spread of the COVID-19, wearing a mask when going out has become the norm for a long time. But wearing a mask for a long time will put a lot of burden on the ears. At the same time, because the length of the mask cord is different, children or people with small faces often cannot fix the mask, so it is necessary to find some small parts and adjust the ear cord.

Currently, there are the following types of mask ear cord adjusters on the market:

1. Threaded column and oval silicone buckle

You can directly adjust the length of the mask ear rope. It can alleviate the ears caused by the ear rope of the mask, because the silicone has good comfort and sufficient support, and will not fall or cause discomfort. And this button is very convenient to use and environmentally friendly. It can be used repeatedly.

Mask Stopper Mask Stopper 2

2. Hook 

There are two common types of hooks. The first one is adjustable. Hang the two sides of the mask rope on the hooks to adjust the looseness.

mask stopper 4

The second type is a fixed hook, which is to attach the button to the ear rope to reduce the friction of the rope, thereby reducing the burden on the ear.

mask stopper 5

3. Cord lock toggle stopper

The usage method is similar to the first one, you can directly fix the length of the rope. But a very small hole cord buckle is required.

mask stoppermask stopper

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