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Knowledge of rope buckle

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The cordlock buckle is small and often used to adjust the length of the rope. It is commonly used in clothing, backpacks, shoes, so the rope buckle is both a bag buckle and a clothing accessory buckle.

The material for making the cordlock buckle is usually POM material, and the finished surface is matte. Because the products made by POM are tough, fatigue-resistant and heat-resistant. The spring inside is an environmentally friendly copper spring. If there are special requirements, we can customize the material), which fully guarantees the safety of the rope buckle during use.

According to different uses of customers, the rope buckle is also divided into double hole and single hole, the hole diameter is 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and other sizes.

A single-hole rope buckle is commonly used for luggage. The hole diameter is generally 5-6mm smaller, and the thicker ones are also 8mm and 10mm.


The buckle on the clothing is generally a double-hole buckle, which is often used in assault suits, life jackets, sun protection clothing, down jackets, etc. And in order to meet the market demand, there will be a variety of shapes, round, square, animal and other beautiful and practical.


There is also a buckle for shoes, with an aperture of about 5mm.


KJM buckle has more than ten years of experience in producing safety buckles. The professional buckle design and production team will develop new varieties every quarter. We firmly believe that quality is the life of the brand. All buckles can pass the minimum test standard EN71-3 (8 Heavy metal test) and the latest safety test standard in the fastener industry.


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