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Baby stroller seat belt knowledge

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Mom and Dad's love for the baby is desperate. The clothes may be the most expensive, the shoes are the most expensive, and the strollers are the most convenient. But they may forget the comfort and safety of the product.

For example, to buy a stroller, in addition to the convenience of the entire car, we also need to consider whether the baby is safe and comfortable to lie on. The most critical point is the safety belt.

The common stroller safety belts on the market are as follows:

Two-point seat belt: it is a stroller plus a waist for fixed protection

Three-point seat belt: a cross-belt is added under the two-point seat belt. However, it cannot fix the shoulders, and can ensure the safety of the baby on a relatively stable road such as a daily walk.

Five-point safety belt: composed of shoulder strap, waist belt and cross strap. It can completely fix the baby's body on the stroller, and it is not easy to slip out or overturn.


Every year, the number of death and injury accidents caused by baby carriages is very huge! Therefore, we must not take it lightly, and feel lucky.

Through the understanding of seat belts, it is much easier to choose a stroller:

First of all, it is important to note that the stroller seat belts purchased are all adjustable.

Secondly, the seat belt must be able to withstand different directions and different strengths. (Note: The pulling force of the shoulder strap needs to reach 45KG, and the pulling force of the left and right belt needs to reach 38KG)

Finally, the seat belt switch buckle cannot be easily opened. Please choose the switch buckle which is convenient for the parents to open, but the children cannot open it by themselves. (Note: The strength of the button of the safety buckle should be opened within 40-60N)


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