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Jimei welcomes the leaders of the town government to inspect our company

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At 10:00 a.m. on May 27, 2022, Banfu Government Economics, Science, Technology and Han visited Jimei.the company CEO Zhang Yuming, and the general manager  Li Jiayi, gave a warm reception, and went deep into the office area, mold room R&D department, injection molding The production department, the warehouse department and the assembly workshop inspect the work on the spot, and check the personnel management, safety production, product quality and work flow of our company in detail.

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The leaders first came to the public office area of Jimei, visited the company's product exhibition hall, and learned about the development process, management system and future development plan of the company. The leaders pointed out some suggestions and opinions, and hoped that the company can develop in the future. be further improved.

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Then, under the leadership of Mr. Zhang, he came to the production workshop of the R&D department of our mold room for inspection. Mr. Zhang explained the process and production process of the entire R&D mold to the leaders. 's praise. For this reason, the leaders specially emphasized that independent innovation should be vigorously developed, and innovation is the first driving force for development.

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buckle mold

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Afterwards, the leaders came to the production workshop of the injection molding department to understand and consult our product production. They walked into the injection molding production workshop. The spacious and tidy workshop and advanced production equipment made the leaders quite appreciated. Under the leadership of the production staff, everyone successively visited the company's entire process from raw materials to product production.


After visiting Jimei, the leaders praised the environment and advanced equipment of our production base, and at the same time expressed their affirmation and reassurance for the products produced by Jimei. High-tech enterprises are key enterprises supported and supported by the state. It is hoped that Jimei will vigorously develop independent innovation, increase investment in research and development, improve independent innovation capabilities, and focus on the creation, protection and application of independent knowledge and property rights. Before the end of the inspection, the leaders had a detailed understanding of the company's work situation, work quality, future work plans, etc., and exchanged opinions with the company's  Zhang Yuming. It is hoped that Jimei will continue to improve the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, improve its position in the industry, and make greater contributions to promoting regional economic development and the field of plastic products.



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