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Children Baby Maternity Expo

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The 20th Children Baby Maternity Expo(CBME)will be held in Shanghai, China in October. CBME started in 2001 and has successfully held 19 sessions so far, including CBME Maternity, Infant and Child Exhibition, CBME Children’s Wear, CBME Toy Fair, and CBME Maternity, Infant and Child Food Fair. CBME covers the entire industry chain of products such as maternity and infant products, baby car,bed,car seats and furniture, food, toys, clothing, children's shoes and accessories.

CBME has achieved great success in China and has expanded to Turkey, India, Singapore and other countries to promote international exchanges and trade cooperation in the global pregnancy, infant and children industry. Let us meet in Shanghai for a face-to-face conversation.


Time: October 10-12, 2020

Add: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) No. 333 Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai

Booth: 5-1E55 & 5-1E56


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