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Pet buckle-special handle for pet bag

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Handle, things that we may use in our daily lives, are also called handles, handles, and handles. The handles are divided into webbing handles, luggage handles, baby carriage handles, and hardware handles. Today we will talk about the special handle for pet bag.

pet bag handle

n today's society, pets are more delicate than people. They eat imported food, sleep with their owners, wash in the bath, and hold them when they go out. For the convenience of shit shovel officers, now you can carry a pet space bag and take a cute pet out to see the world when you go out. Put the pet in the backpack and adjust the length of the shoulder strap according to the adjusting buckle. If you are tired, there is a plastic handle on the pet space bag. The plastic handle bears a relatively large tensile force, and it will not easily break even if the pet moves in it. It can be said to be very strong. This kind of handle can also be used for camera bags, mountaineering bags, etc.

rubber handle


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