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1. Quality Advantages: Safe is better and quality is basement.

Each Index enables to pass all standards.
Pull: 5-10KG higher than European Standards
Torsion Force: 1KG higher than European Standards
Impact Force: 0.5m more than European Safe Standards
Bite: 10KG loading that 1 KG higher than European Standards
Aging Resistance: Test of Aging Resistance is one time than general products
Friendly-environment Materials: meet different kinds of International Standards , which can provide better life for babies.

2. Logo Advantages: Formal Brands with better service

Logo KJM: Formal Brands and better trust.
Nice Logo KJM with better quality, but refusing fake.
JImei BUCKLE with higher-standard service.

3. Production of Advantages: Imported materials, more equipment, deliver on-time

Taking imporated raw materials, pass SGS Standard Test, meet ROHS and Reach Test, control the product quality orginallly.
have injection molding machine, engraving machine and cutting machine mass professional equipment.
work with skilled employees to keep production.
Development, designs and manufacturing, short production term, mass production and delivering on-time.

4. Professional Teams with better quality and services

8-year research team independently, 100 items patent products, to keep precision and durability.
Professional design team with new and personality, at least 6 types every month.
Systematic customer's service, resolving problems emergence, refund with quality issues.

5. Advantages of Business Range: Wide, More options and honest partners

Variety of buckle to fit strollers, pet, handbags and special works.
Unique suppliers for famous brand factories, such as Geoby, aibelle, Lenovo etc.

6. Walks of Advantages: Not only doing buckles, but making Buckle standards

Entering the market deeply: makers of resolving Strategies professionally make the buckles with higher standards.
More System: Production system, quality system control.
Service System: Deliver on-time, resolving issues properly, system management, standard processes.