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Pet Collar Buckle A-213c

Product Name: Customized logo plastic quick release buckle for pet collar
Item No: A-213c
Material: POM
Size:1/2'' 5/8'' 3/4'' 1''
Color: Black (can be customized according to your request )
Pull: 114KG
Note: safety breakaway buckle for pet collar.OEM is welcome ,logo of your brand can be customized.
The pet collar buckle has so many color options that you can mix and match to create your own color combinations, giving you full control over your creativity.
Use our buckles with web collars with D buckles. Since each buckle fits a variety of cord and fabric materials, these buckles are very versatile.
Arched Buckle: Each collar buckle is arched to allow the buckle to fit comfortably on the wrist. Perfect for paracord bracelets, survival bracelets, friendship bracelets, and more, these buckles are designed to be practical and comfortable. Our buckles feature plastic construction for quick and easy one-handed squeeze release, so you can hold it when you need it. Our buckles are designed to have a clean, sleek look while still being strong and durable.

Sturdy and durable: The pet collar curved buckle is made of strong and durable high-quality plastic. Don't worry about wear and tear. Every product in our warehouse is hand-tested by our staff so our customers can rest assured that they are buying the highest quality product.

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