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The exhibition ended perfectly

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      The 23rd pet fair Asia in 2020 has come to an end. The pet fair Asia is one of the most influential platforms in the global pet industry. It was established in 1997. With the rapid development of China's pet industry, after 22 years of experience, it has become the annual gathering platform of the pet industry and the recognized flagship exhibition of Asian pets in the industry.

    2020 is the 23rd year of the pet fair Asia Show, bringing together leading companies and professionals in the pet industry across the country and the world. Mainstream manufacturers, dealers, and retailers in the pet industry in China, as well as from the United States, Europe, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Visiting groups from major overseas markets such as Thailand will gather in Shanghai. This is an annual industry event not to be missed. As a global integrated platform that combines B2B industry trade negotiations with B2C public marketing functions, it is a strong force for brands to achieve integrated marketing and promotion. medium.
    The Asian pet industry is the only industry exhibition that has passed the UFI professional certification of the Global Exhibition Industry Association. UFI is by far the most important international organization in the world exhibition industry. Authoritative certification of international exhibitions is the core task of UFI. The UFI-approved exhibition is also a sign of high-quality trade fairs. For an exhibition to be awarded its professional certification, it must meet certain standards in terms of its service, quality and popularity. UFI has strict requirements on the scale of the exhibition to be certified, the history of the exhibition, the proportion of domestic and foreign exhibitors, and the proportion of foreign visitors. UFI has conducted in-depth observation and research on the scale of the exhibition, the history of the exhibition, the proportion of foreign exhibitors, the proportion of foreign visitors, and the service, quality and popularity of the exhibition through a one-year survey and audit of the Asian Pet Show, and officially confirmed that the Asian Pet Show has passed the certification , This also marks the further improvement of the internationalization and specialization of the Asia Pet Show.
      Due to the COVID-19 this year, many of our friends cannot come to China to participate. I hope that at this moment next year, we can arrive as scheduled and have more exchanges on pet products.