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Pet bag special handle

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Hand handles are often used in bags, which are divided into webbing handles, luggage handles, special handles for baby carriages, and hardware handles. Today we are talking about the special handle for pet bags.

Most people now have their own pets and treat them as their friends. Therefore, going out often carries a pet space bag with a pet out. In addition to the adjustable buckle strap length, the pet space bag also has a plastic handle. If the pet owner is tired, he can take it down and ask for it. Moreover, the plastic handle has a relatively large pulling force, and even if the pet moves inside, it will not easily break. This handle can also be used for camera bags, mountaineering bags, and the like.

There is also a ribbon handle. This handle is relatively soft, comfortable to wear, and can be used for decoration. The shoulder strap is made of plastic shoulder pad. The shoulder pad has D buckle and hook on both ends, so you don't need to remove it at any time. The shoulder pad and the handle are commonly used in pvc material, which can pass the ROHS environmental protection standard.