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Notice of Promotional Activities from Jimei

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The Christmas Festival is coming and in order to celebrate and thank for the supporting from all customers in 2017. Zhongshan Jimei Handbag Accessories Co., Ltd (Short for Jimei Below) will take Promotional Activities to celebrate it from Nov 10 to Dec 19, 2017 with all customers.

During the period, all customers will take the profits from Promotional Activities following:

1: All orders will be gained 2% off of Total Payment ,the trade assurance order will be gained 3% off of Total Payment.

All quotations will keep original when the Promotional Activities ends on Dec20th,2017.

2: Free samples (Part of Color Samples and less than 160 USD as Color Transfer fees ONLY, please check more with salesmen).

3: New items will be received 20% off of Total Mould Fees when opening new Mould as costomers request.

4: Jimei will bare the Half of Total Freights for Samples (less than 10pcs) .

Thanks for supporting and understanding Jimei and hope it will be helpful and useful to work for all of you.


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