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Company Fire Safety Training

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In order to ensure the production safety of the company, on April 25, the company organized all employees to carry out fire training. In order to make the training more thorough, the company also invited Guangdong fire volunteers to explain and demonstrate the use of fire extinguishers.


On how to use the fire extinguisher:

1. Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher

Extinguished objects: books, archives, valuable equipment, precision instruments, electrical equipment below 600 volts and oil fires.

Note: When using, try to make the skin cause frostbite due to direct contact with the spray barrel and the spray hose.

2. Foam fire extinguisher

Extinguished objects: Oil products, greases and other fires that cannot be directly rescued by water. Do not extinguish fires caused by alcohol, esters, ethers, ketones, etc. and live equipment.

Note: The fire extinguisher should be kept upside down during use, otherwise the spray will be interrupted.

3. Dry powder fire extinguisher

Extinguishing objects: It can extinguish general fires, but also extinguish fires caused by combustion of oil and gas; extinguish the initial fires of flammable liquids, combustible gases and electrical equipment such as petroleum and organic solvents.

Matters needing attention: Lithium electronic battery warehouse is on fire, dry powder fire extinguishers cannot be effectively extinguished, when the fire is large, it is more difficult to extinguish the fire.

Note: To check whether the fire extinguisher is available, see the pressure gauge on the fire extinguisher. Pointing the needle of the pressure gauge to red indicates that the pressure of the fire extinguisher is too low and has failed; pointing to green indicates that the fire extinguisher can be used normally; and pointing to yellow indicates that the pressure of the fire extinguisher is too high and there is a risk of explosion.

Use fire extinguishers safely to protect property and protect yourself.



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