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Battle of Honor

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Zhongshan City Jimei Handbag Accessories attended the “ Battle” from Alibaba between Nov 10 and Dec 19.  All Sellers from Jimei Handbag Accessories joined the PK Competition with more than 600 sellers from other industries to achieve the goals.  All of them are fighting for dreams.  “ Battle of Towns”, “ Fighting for future”.  



We will complete Five Million and Seventy-Two RMB within 40 days, so each salesman promised that will be completed the goals and list some punishment without completely .  We make the promised: all goals must be completed! 


We worked overtime every day to gain the trust and agreement in short time since we believe that will receive achievement after working hard.  In addition, all salesmen were excited to chat and receive the PI with overseas customers. 

We made the dinner occasionally together each other in the office since we are family “ Enjoying Together”, Fighting and growing together .


Research Dept, Mould Dept, Assemble and QC Dept, Warehouses always be with us to work overtime later to keep deliver all parcels on time . You are Excellent !!

Working within 40 days, especially on the 9pm on Dec 19,  it was excited for everyone !! Our Boss, Mr Zhang made the statement on the final result, which was Five Million and Seventy-Eight RMB Totally . It was final Results and witness from our team!!

During 40 days, we achieved the goal additionally. Meanwhile, we are deeply feeling the Meaning of “Teams, Honor, Duty and Dream “.  Also, we believe that Jimei Buckle will be better and better once work and fight with passion.  


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